Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July. Brad and I both had the day off so we were able to sleep in and then go out together as a family to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel. That was a special treat because we are hardly ever all together in the mornings.

Brad's extended family was boating and having a picnic in another town about an hour and half away, and since Brad, his dad and brother had a fishing trip planned, I decided not to drive it by myself. Debbie was sweet to still take Kayla for us.  So that was a special treat for her to be able to spend time with her cousins boating.  This is a pic with her with some of her cousins and with her uncle cory.

After breakfast I went shopping at the mall with just the little girls.  That was a big mistake, because I was in a spending mood and lets just say I walked out with a lot more than I intended.  That was weird for me because usually I'm such a tightwad and so in control of what I buy/ don't buy, and it was like someone temporarily took over my body.  You know, one of those days where you're ripping off tags and hiding bags before you walk in the door and your husband sees the damage... ha ha ha (or maybe thats just me).

After naps we went and bought some little fireworks for the girls.  You know sparklers, growing worms, tanks, etc.  We always try to get a little something for them to try out, and we usually travel somewhere to watch the bigger fireworks.

Brad's "smoking lawn mower".  He later blew this old mower up with some heavy duty stuff out at Craigs house.

Before the big firework show, we decided to do a little face painting.  Each of the girls picked out what they wanted, and we tried our best!

Later that night we drove to Cabot to watch the firework show.  We had a great front row seat!

Happy 4th of July!

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kayla said...

ohh my goodness that is such a bad picture with me and all the cousins!!! hahaha i was looking at caleb bc before that he was laughing and being crazy and he wasnt smiling so i just looked over to see what he was doing and then right when i looked he smiled and every one took the picture so that was the only picture i wasnt looking!! hahaha